I am a biologist, animator, and documentarian. I use visual media to share the stories we get to hear as biologists with others.

The topics we study in biology are the topics that have fascinated people for as long as people have been capable of being fascinated—birth, death, sex, competition, communication, manipulation, growth, home, the body, what it means to be alive. Biology is made of conflict and resolution. Every little enzyme has many conflicting forces, be they ionic or steric, pushing and pulling on it, creating thousands of interwoven micro-dramas within the cell. The pointillist arc of evolution is made of hundreds or thousands of discrete changes that can each be rationalized individually, but look unrecognizably complicated when one steps back. Scientists struggle, have accidental successes, and spend their lives chasing huge and often unanswerable questions.

Anyone can be moved by the drama, horror, and comedy of the stories that make up biology, as long as those stories are told with the focus on conflict rather than vocabulary.

I collaborate with scientists to make videos and animations that communicate their world to the public (via short pop-science videos or documentary), to non-scientific experts like funders or policy-makers (via story-driven short films), or to colleagues and students (via technical animations).

What is your interest at the intersection of sciences and film?

I am interested in collaborating with other scientists to help them communicate their work to the public, to their colleagues, or to non-scientific experts like funders or policy-makers.


Brooklyn, NY, United States

Selected Works