Jeannette Louie is an award-winning Asian American filmmaker and visual artist whose experimental films and installations delve deeply into the netherworld of consciousness.

She magnifies the dystopic diaspora of human cognition by building a world filled with narratives. In this terrain, individual minds construct multiple realms of realities defined by molecular memory and reaction. The shaping of subjective identity through the schema of neuroscience and psychology is elemental to the creation of this world.

What is your interest at the intersection of sciences and film?

All my life I have wandered about the realm of my own consciousness, wondering how such a terrain exists in parallel with reality.

As a student, I felt like a journeyman traveling through theories of perception, subjectivity and sentience. When I matured into a professional artist, I navigated streams-of-consciousness, my own and others, and followed their ebb and flow as they etched deeply into the folds of the brain.


Newark, New Jersey

Selected Works