I love filmmaking, people and the stories that are perpetually unfolding around us all.

Barry J. Gibb first trained as a molecular biologist and neuroscientist. Following a decade of research, he swapped the microscope for a camera to pursue the dream of writing and making films about science.

His award-winning book, The Rough Guide to the Brain, was first released by Penguin in 2007 (2nd edition, June 2012), winning him the short-lived accolade of ‘Dr Sex’ from the Sun newspaper and a mild look of disapproval from his wife. During this period of writing, he greatly expanded his experience of filmmaking and editing. In 2009, he went on to make a series of 3 Minute Wonder’s — ‘Life After Coma’ and a film for ‘Britain Recut’ (Mosaic Films, Channel 4, British Film Institute 2009).

In 2009, he directed, filmed and edited eight short documentaries for Routes (Oil Productions, Channel 4 and the Wellcome Trust), a multi-award-winning online fusion of genetics, drama, documentary and gaming. While at the Wellcome Trust, he made well over 100 science documentaries, where he focused on bringing warmth and humanity to science.

His web series about mental health, Last Chance Saloon, won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2014 Toronto Webfest and his film about ageing, Until, won the Imagine Science Film Festival Nature People’s Choice award in 2011.

He is now freelance and has just completed The Singer’s Tale, a film about the remarkable life of a jazz singer, and is currently developing a new project about time.

What is your interest at the intersection of sciences and film?

Science is one way of trying to understand life and our place within it. Film is how I choose to document the process by which humans explore, experience revelations and discover deeper truths.


London, United Kingdom

Selected Works